Filmora:AI Video Editor, Maker APK

Filmora:AI Video Editor Maker

13.1.83 for Android

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App Information

App NameFilmora:AI Video Editor, Maker
Package namecom.wondershare.filmorago
Category Video Players & Editors
Size133.69 MB
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The Description

Dive into the extraordinary world of mesmerizing video editing with Filmora Mod APK. Express your creativity with a tool that brings your vision to life, spiced up with magic, sparkles, and a whole lot of visual narratives.

About Filmora Mod APK

Embracing an out-of-the-box approach, Filmora has been creating waves in the realm of video editing. With an interface that is intuitive enough for beginners yet comprehensive for professionals, Filmora strikes a perfect balance.

Experiencing the Filmora environment is now simplified with Filmora, which brings the full-blown features of this video editing software to your Android device, sans geographical or device constraints. Set your creativity free with Filmora Mod APK, where each stroke is a step towards a visual masterpiece.

Filmora Mod APK Features:

  • Seamless Interface
  • One-Tap Effects and Transitions
  • Revamped Music Library
  • Exporting Proficiency
  • Advanced Editing Tools

Seamless Interface

Filmora shines with an interface that is customizable, user-friendly, and adaptable to many creative inclinations.

One-Tap Effects and Transitions

Add flair to your videos with one-tap visual effects and transitions, transforming your clips to an extraordinary level.

Revamped Music Library

Incorporate music seamlessly with Filmora’s expanded music library, offering just the right tune for every moment.

Exporting Proficiency

Say goodbye to choppy or slow exporting. It enhances exporting proficiency, ensuring your finalized video is ready in no time.

Advanced Editing Tools

Dive into an array of advanced video editing tools, including multi-layer editing, color grading, key-framing, green-screen effects, and more at your fingertips.


Ready to orchestrate memorable video content? Filmora Mod APK is here to nurture your creative pursuits and push the boundaries of video editing. It’s your story; paint it your way.

What's New in Latest Version

What's New in Our App?
- Visual Upgrade: Experience our new intuitive and convenient interface design!
- TTS: Turn any written text into spoken words with ease. Enjoy a more natural and authentic voice experience.
- Text to Video: Instantly transform your written ideas into engaging videos.
- Track Following: Easily organize your video tracks with drag-and-drop functionality. Ensure perfect alignment of every element in your videos.
- Bugfix: Performance and user experience enhancements.

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